‘Read!’ was the first word that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, indicating how Islam puts emphasis on seeking and appreciating knowledge. Islamic international schools in Malaysia usually combine a few curricula to create a more holistic learning environment that does not just focus on solely academics but also include Islamic teachings and morals. If you are looking for an Islamic international school to enrol your children into, then this school list below will be helpful for your search. 

Islamic International School Malaysia (IISM)

Kuala Lumpur campus

First started with only 30 students, now Islamic International School Malaysia has expanded to 2,500 students from primary level to Alevels. Perhaps one of the more seasoned Islamic school in the country, IISM are committed to ensuring that its students receive a world-class education in line with the Islamic tenets and values. 

At IISM, students are exposed to Usrah, charity programmes like Feeding the Needy as well as Umrah and Ziarah trips so that students are more equipped with good morale and credible soft skills. The school also implement the Cambridge curriculum in both Gombak and Kuantan campus. 

Read more about the Gombak campus here and Kuantan campus here. 

Idrissi International School 

Setia Alam, Selangor campus

EduCity, Johor Campus

Idrissi International School based in Setia Alam, Selangor and EduCity, Johor is one of a kind eco-friendly school where students are educated with not just academic skills but also knowledge on sustainability, and caring for the environment. For its preschool, Idrissi adopts a nature-based approach where students are also exposed to working with nature to improve their motor and problem-solving skills. For the primary level (Year 3 to Year 6), apart from fundamental subjects offered by Cambridge, Idrissi also incorporates a Financial Literacy Programme as a part of their curriculum. In addition, IDRISSI International School is the first international school in Malaysia to implement STEM with Robotics curriculum.

Another interesting appeal of Idrissi is, school secondary students will also be able to learn traditional Turkish Archery from certified trainers as a part of their Skill and Fill curriculum. The new EduCity campus offers a boarding facility for secondary school students. 

Learn more about Idrissi Setia Alam here. 

Greenview International School

Shah Alam, Selangor campus

Bangi, Selangor campus

At Greenview Bangi and Shah Alam, the focus is not just academic excellence. Its curriculum is also aimed at developing skills such as critical thinking, communication, self-management, research and social skills. The school uses the Cambridge syllabus and highly encourages enquiry-based lessons. 

As an Islamic international school, the Quran is considered as an important component whereby at the end of primary school, students are expected to khatam the Quran. At-Tawheed and Seerah will be taught in English at the secondary level and students will sit for Cambridge O Level Islamiyat in Year 11. For those who have a high interest in Arabic, they are also encouraged to take up Cambridge IGCSE First Language Arabic in Year 11. Secondary students can also opt to stay at the boarding school in Bangi if they prefer to. 

You can click here to learn more about Greenview Shah Alam, and here from Greenview Bangi. 

Abedeen International School 

More known as Abedeen Academy, this international and private school located in Cyberjaya do not just aim to guide students so they excel on the papers,  they also seek to provide a safe and nurturing environment where students can learn more about Islamic values. Abedeen opens its doors to students ageing 3 years old (Early Years) up to the pre-university programme, and it uses the British curriculum as a foundation. Apart from the academic programmes, Abedeen Academy offers the Arabic Language for Arabic Non-Native Speakers (ALANS) Programme to the public.

Aberdeen is also different from other schools as they have their own developed programmes. These programmes include Science and Reserchers Plan (for STEM), Brain and Braw (focused on eco-garden, hospitality and entrepreneurial skills) as well as Passport to the World (language mastery in English, Mandarin, Japanese and German). 

You can learn about the school here.

Spectrum Islamic International School

Kuala Lumpur campus

Putrajaya campus

In making sure that the school is able to build a balanced and positive Muslim, Spectrum Islamic International School adopts 7 pillars of qualifications as a basis. These pillars are Islamic, academic, physical, cultural, health, psychological and sociological qualifications. 

At both of its Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya campuses, the school uses Cambridge curriculum as well as the curriculum of Azhar in Egypt so students are not just able to compete with their peers in the academic field but they are also educated with Islamic values to help them become better Muslims in the future. Preparing for the IR4.0, Spectrum also partnered with Google for Education, Microsoft for Education and PowerSchool so its students are capable of utilising technology when looking for information and researching. 

To know more about Spectrum Putrajaya click here.

To know more about Spectrum Kuala Lumpur click here.

At-Tamimi International School

The first and only Islamic international school in Malaysia to be implementing the IB syllabus to teach its students, At-Tamimi International School is also now seeking the authorisation to conduct the IB Diploma Programme in 2020. In ensuring inclusivity, At-Tamimi also catered for students with special needs like autism, mobility difficulties, ADHD and dyslexia. 

Preparing students for academic excellence is a clear focus for At-Tamimi, however, the school also understands the importance of vocational learning to brace students for future jobs. This said, the school is currently planning to collaborate with businesses and establishment to teach students on the knowledge and skills needed for a job – getting them to go and see how the work is done in real life and conducting role-play to simulate it. Certainly something fresh for both students and the school. 

Read more about the school here. 

Baseerah International School

Catering students from kindergarten up to pre-university level, Baseerah International School offers a combination of Cambridge, Islamic and Qatari-based Arabic courses in its school. At Baseerah, gender segregation is applied whereby female and male students will be placed in a different classroom, however, treated equally regardless of gender.

Because the medium of instruction in this school is English, the Baseerah Gombak also provide an English Language Support to students who need extra help with the language. 

Click here to know more about Baseerah International School. 

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