A sequel to the International Schools in Johor Part 1, in this article, we will cover a selection of schools that fall under the ‘more affordable’ category but certainly not any lesser in terms of quality.

Paragon International School

Paragon International School was established in 2014. In 2017, the school is equipped with a purpose-built campus conveniently located in Plentong. The aim of the school is to mould leaders for tomorrow, as well as nurture and develop every student in body, mind and spirit with leadership skills useful for the advancement of the society. International School offers classes in the Primary and Secondary levels, following the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum. Their annual school fees vary from RM 20400 to RM 24000.

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Seri Omega International School

Seri Omega International School was established in 2002. With rising school enrolment, a new campus was planned, and construction began in late 2011. Currently, the campus spans over 30 acres, comprising a wide range of facilities. They believe that their reputation and views towards education are what makes them a premier school in Johor. At Seri Omega International School, students will follow the IGCSE curriculum offered by Cambridge International Examination (CIE). Chinese Language and Malay Language will also be offered. Their annual tuition fees vary from RM 20400 to RM 24000.

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REAL International School Johor Bahru

With a history that spans 30 years, R.E.A.L Schools is an educational institution committed towards transforming students through active learning. Since their establishment, they nurture students to achieve real transformation and success through holistic education of exceptional standards. Their students are engaged in a rich and challenging curriculum from kindergarten to primary and secondary levels in both international and national syllabi. R.E.A.L International School delivers British education based on the UK national curriculum from Primary to Secondary level. The tuition fees for R.E.A.L International School starts from RM 13860 to RM 19060.

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UniWorld International School

UniWorld International School is located centrally and conveniently within the business precinct of Bandar Seri Alam. The purpose-built international school will spread over 10.35 acres of land with a built-up area of approximately 260,000 square feet. The international school comprises a Kindergarten, Primary School, High School and Vocational College. Their curriculum covers Kindergarten up to University Foundation Programme culminating in international examinations such as the iPSLE (Singapore International Primary School Examination), IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education), Cambridge International AS/A Level Certificate and University Foundation Programme – GAC (Global Assessment Certificate) / ACT (American College Test). UniWorld International School yearly tuition fees vary from RM 10000 (preschool) to RM 22000 (pre-u).

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Sri Ara International School

Sri Ara International School’s mission is to develop each student to his/her fullest potential by producing an educated and caring individual who is innovative, adaptable, and creative. They encourage the children to be active, responsible and also to take leadership roles in the student body. At Sri Ara, they follow the Cambridge Pathway which helps students develop the deep subject knowledge, conceptual understanding and higher-order thinking skills that they need for success at school, at university and in employment. Sri Ara’s preschool curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum which focuses on an individual child’s early years of developing good character, interpersonal skills and communication. The tuition fees per year range from RM 8520 to RM 29520.

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Orbix International School

The Orbix group is founded by a team of passionate educators with one simple goal – to make quality education affordable to everyone. At Orbix, they combine the best of international education from the West with the academic rigour and structure from the East. In our increasingly interconnected world, their educational programme helps the students develop a globalised worldview while embracing Asian customs and values.  Their curriculum covers preschool to secondary by following the British Cambridge syllabus. For preschool, they adopt the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), which focuses on the best practices in Early Childhood education and developmental needs. The tuition fees per annum range from RM 8050 to RM 22350.

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Austin Heights International School

Austin Heights Schools, the forerunner in Experiential Learning, is set to change the educational landscape and traditional boundaries of private education. Their “Education without Boundaries” philosophy challenges the frontiers of private education and brings home the benefits of international education to all Austin Heights Schools’ students. Together with their “East Meets West” approach which incorporates the infusion of Eastern Values to Western Education, their students will be well equipped to face the globalized world without compromising on the core values of Eastern Philosophy. At Austin Heights School, they adopt the British National Curriculum incorporating the International Primary Curriculum, preparing our students for higher education, locally and globally. The school fees for Austin Heights International School starts from RM 8400 (early years) to RM 18000 (reception years) per year.

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Sri Utama International School

Utama International School (UIS), has provided excellent education to students from Kindergarten through to Year 11 since 1994. The school has established a reputation for academic excellence, as well as for providing a well-rounded educational program designed to foster student’s moral, social, and academic development. The knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity of their highly qualified and innovative staff inspire students to develop a lifelong commitment to learning. Utama International School, Kuala Lumpur, began on the 1st September 1993, offering Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school that offered  London Examination Board Curriculum. Utama International School follows the Cambridge International Examination curriculum at both Primary and Secondary levels. Utama International School yearly tuition fees start from RM 8520 to RM 16395.

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United International School

United International School’s vision is to transform students’ lives by instilling in them knowledge-based skills to inspire lifelong learning. They aim to provide innovative education that builds both the students’ character as well as prepares them for the rigours of adulthood. United International School facilitates learning by helping its students discover, engage with and acquire valuable skills and knowledge. At United International School, their nursery and reception levels provide pre-school education based on a quality international curriculum to coach their children with a strong foundation to excel in subsequent Primary and Secondary levels. For the primary level, they adopt the Cambridge Primary Programme (CPP). For the secondary level, the programme centres around the IGCSE qualifications. Their annual tuition fees range from RM 6300 to RM 19200.

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