Graduating from your comfort zone and stepping into secondary school can be a very daunting process, even for the bravest looking kid in primary school. But fear not, take a deep breath, chill because in “Going to Secondary School – Things to Know” we can go over some legit tips and tricks to make it much easier for you! 

Legit Tip #1 – Friends

Be kind and friendly but do not rush friendships, it takes time. Stop scaring them off with your over-energetic enthusiasm as it can seem a bit overpowering sometimes! Some kids might look loud or popular but they are just as vulnerable and insecure as you! Stay away from bullies and those kids who drain you mentally. Never start rumours or drama, seriously. Just don’t.


Legit Tip #2 – Family

Mom and Dad are getting old. Their grey hair just would not stop growing and you have lesser and lesser time with them. Make time for each other and share each other’s happiness and stress, appreciate one another and never take each other for granted! Oh yes, it does not matter if you are a boy or a girl, help out with house chores! That is your home, not a hotel, get it straight. “I’m busy studying” should never be an excuse to take your mom as your maid!


Legit Tip #3 – Studies

Studies can get tough, but never suffer and pity yourself in silence! Ask for help from friends or teachers. Stay organised & don’t procrastinate! Straight A’s isn’t the only way to be successful in life. You should also figure out what makes you tick. Students who can identify their passions and pursue them are more engaged and motivated to succeed.

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Legit Tip #4 – Crushes

You can be a huge fan of a celebrity, you can have boy or girl crushes, you can be day dreaming about your crush 24/7, you can be holding back your confessions because you don’t want to lose your friend, and you can be walking pass a classroom just to steal a glance at your crush! Crushes come and go, enjoy how your heart skips, allow yourself to feel the butterflies, the excitement, the insecurity, the disappointment, the jealousy, the good times and the tears. Feel each moment, that’s a part of growing up.

Legit Tip #5 – Activities & Hobbies

Volunteer, join a sports or club, be a prefect or librarian – whatever. These will improve your leadership skills, even though you if you are not the president. Don’t take part just because it is compulsory but learn to have fun and learn through new experiences. Try different things, the more exposure you have, the more you grow. Explore different things until you find a hobby you love.

Legit Tip #6 – Teachers

You will have some fun teachers who are like a friend, or wonderful teachers who inspire you. You will have teachers who just don’t care, who look like they’re having PMS all day, every day. Yes, it’s not fair but it’s your responsibility to reach out to the right teachers and pick yourself up.


Legit Tip #7 – Self

Nothing is important enough to keep you awake or crying the entire night. Be comfortable and confident with yourself. You will attract like-minded people. The best is yet to come. Don’t take pity on yourself when life throws you into scary challenges. Work harder to make your situation better. Use your social standing to help others and spread love and joy,  then you’ll be a stronger, better person.


Now that we have gone through some tips and tricks to transition into secondary school, take deep breathe, go with the flow and have lots and lots of fun!