Located approximately 20km from the Kuala Lumpur city centre, Subang Jaya is one of the popular cities with numerous higher education institutions, eateries, independent retail stores, shopping malls and houses many interesting activities one can enjoy with friends and family. Subang Jaya houses more than 50 education institutions which offer from preschool up to tertiary pre-u levels, which make it an ideal destination for many parents to send their children to.

Below is a list of international schools in Subang Jaya.


Sri Kuala Lumpur International School, Subang Jaya

Sri Kuala Lumpur International School’s philosophy has always been to provide a well-rounded and complete education for their students, emphasizing strong community values and discipline whilst encouraging their students to excel academically. They are also believers in the old adage that healthy bodies make healthy minds and their commitment to sporting and co-curricular activities reflects this belief.

Offering the Cambridge International Curriculum for both primary and secondary levels, Sri Kuala Lumpur International School offers fees range from RM 9050 (per semester) for year 1 to RM 17,050 (per term) for year 11.

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UCSI International School, Subang Jaya

UCSI International School is established to make a difference. This is their mission as they work on experiences that matter. Moments that touch lives. Guidance that inspires. Defining elements that are both timely and timeless.

Believing that education should start early, UCSI International School in Subang Jaya provides International Primary Curriculum (IPC) Early Years programme for 4 to 6 years old children. IPC is also adopted in their primary (Year 1 – 5) syllabus to ensure a comprehensive, thematic and creative curriculum for primary students. Meanwhile, UCSI International School offers Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum to the Year 6 – 10 students. The school also provides British A-Levels for Pre-U students. For early years, the fees per term is RM 3850. For primary and secondary, fees range from RM 6180 (per term) to RM 9060 (per term). For A-Levels, fees per term is RM 10,990.

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Sunway International School, Subang Jaya

Learning in Sunway International School focuses on your child as an individual, the ability to think reflectively, inquisitively and above all, the ability to be a life long learner. Everyone has a specific skill that they can harness and build upon, and their curriculum is delivered in a conducive and cognitively stimulating environment that will inspire your child to participate actively and put in their best efforts.

Employing the Ontario Curriculum for grade 7 to grade 11, Sunway International School educators are mostly trained in Canada and receive annual certification by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT). Sunway International School is also one of the few schools that provides Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). The fees range of the school varies from RM 36,000 to RM 42,000.

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Eagles Grammar International School, Subang Jaya

Eagles Grammar International School provides holistic education to prepare students to meet the challenges of living as well as academic achievement. The aim of Eagles International is to bring out the best in your child. They offer high quality curriculum in a supportive environment, to enable them to fulfil their potential as responsible global citizens with the following strengths; balanced, victorious, knowledgeable, thinkers, responsible, caring and a good communicator.

Eagles Grammar International School adopt Cambridge Primary Programme (CPP) for their Year 1 – 6 students and British IGCSE curriculum for their Year 7 – 11 students. Eagles Grammar International School offers
RM 14905 (per year) for Y1 – Y3, RM 16105 for Y4 – Y6, RM 19265 for Y7 – Y9 and RM 20465 for Y10 – Y11.

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Fairview International School, Subang Jaya

Fairview International School aims to be a vibrant centre for educational, personal and social growth in the world. The provide a rich academic curriculum for children in the local and international community. Through the use of best practices in teaching and learning, Fairview International School will educate, motivate and inspire students in an educational environment that stimulates learning in a nurturing social and emotional climate. Fairview school is committed to raising the standards of education not only in its schools but in the region through continuous training and development in the best possible teaching pedagogies.

Offering International Baccalaureate curriculum for their students from preschool up to secondary level, their school fees range from RM 12,500 to RM 26,000 per year.

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GEMS International School, Subang Jaya

GEMS International School offers your children the opportunity to embark upon on an enjoyable, wonder-filled journey that will prepare them for a happy and productive life. Parents who are looking for a good international school for their children are no doubt considering many factors – both local and global. They bring together a desirable international education environment, significant investments in leading curriculum and child research, world-class facilities and a community of the most accomplished teachers among international schools – driven by an inspiring set of core values that place the international student at the center of everything they do.

GEMS International School offers an enriched version of the National Curriculum of England and Wales (commonly known as the British Curriculum) for students of age 3 to 18 years. The fees for GEMS International School range from RM 26,250 to RM 47,485.

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Kingsley International School, Subang Jaya

Kingsley International School’s ethos echoes the wish of every parent: for his or her child to be happy, productive and fulfilled in life. Which is why they aim to inspire curiosity and bring enriching, real-world experiences into the lives of the students. They believe resilience, self-discipline and the ability to relate to others are more vital to achievement than IQ. They care for the students with kindness and firmness – building connections with them and making them feel valued so they can be their best selves. They invest, impart and instil positive values that will empower children to be life achievers who see the importance of living purposefully and fearlessly. They recognize that for children to become confident, engaged, innovative, reflective, and respectful individuals, that’s who they first have to be.

Kingsley International School offers the Cambridge International Curriculum for Nursery to Year 9 students while the Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum for Year 10 and Year 11 students. The fees range from RM 10,352 to
RM 44,988.

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Oakbridge International School, Subang Jaya

Oakbridge International School focuses on empowering individuals, imparting confidence and inspiring leadership from preschool through upper secondary school. Their mission instills the motto “Changing Hearts, Changing Minds,” to prepare our next generation for a diverse and global world. Combined with their experienced academic and management team, their vision is to empower individuals for the 21st Century, to impart confidence for positive impact and to inspire leadership for social excellence.

Oakbridge International School’s preschool curriculum is based on SuperAnt Play Academy. They hope their students are equipped with ants’ qualities – hardworking, industrious, organized, prudent, competent and dependable team player. Students from primary to lower secondary levels in Oakbridge International School are offered curriculum based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Then, curriculum for students in grade 9 – 10 primarily focused on preparing students towards obtaining the IGCSE qualifications. The fees for Oakbridge International School range from RM 11,640 to RM 16,260.

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Pine Hills International School, Subang Jaya

At Pine Hills International School, you’ll experience an education that prepares you for success, exposing you to new ideas and equipping you with skills and knowledge to excel in life. You’ll also have instant access to a range of activities and programs designed to make your learning years’ experience unforgettable.

Pine Hills International School in Subang Jaya offers the world most renowned and acclaimed syllabus, Cambridge IGCSE Syllabus. Pine Hills International School focuses on unique challenges and brain-friendly learning activities for their students. They also provide A-Levels for students that are aged 17 to 19 years. Their fees range from
RM 14,100 to RM 33,900.

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Asia Pacific International School (APIS), Subang Jaya

At Asia Pacific International School (APIS), they firmly believe that success truly begins with the best education. This certainly starts with the curriculum itself, where they will offer the internationally recognised Cambridge IGCSE. The programme is augmented with a broad range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. With a strong emphasis on technology as an enabler to support learning, APIS will adopt and continuously enhance educational practices to nurture their students and bring out their analytical and innovative thinking capabilities.

Asia Pacific International School offers education service from Early Years Foundation Stage up to secondary level. With the British Cambridge curriculum, APIS has an extensive use of ICT to assist their students to become more analytic and innovative. Fees offered by APIS range from RM 12,330 to RM 39,420.

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At-Tamimi International School, Subang Jaya

Since commencement, At-Tamimi International School has now grown to host nearly 250 students, as well as a balanced mix of both local and international talent to deliver their content. With recent expansion to their current facility, At-Tamimi now houses a pre-school, two kindergarten levels, and Year 1 to Year 11. By maintaining a much lower aspect ratio of teachers to students than other schools, At-Tamimi is able to give more focused time to students, ensuring comprehensive learning.

At-Tamimi International Islamic School is currently the only Islamic school that offers an Integrated and Holistic Education Programme that utilises the UK National Curriculum with Islamic Education for preschool, primary and secondary levels. At-Tamimi International School’s fees varies from RM 14,510 to RM 34,675.

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