When you’re running out of options where to go over the weekends, spending time with your kids at home can actually be so much fun. You can save quite a lot of money too! We have compiled a list of interesting activities you can do with your family at home.


1) Crafting

Every kids love craft! Kids are generally attracted to intricacies involved in creating something out of nothing as it keeps them busy and active. Here is one of our favourite Youtube Channel, Easy Kids Craft whereby you can learn craft to do with your kids! Origami is another kids’ all-time favourite craft. Originated from Japan, kids can start simple by making boats, hats, bunnies and slowly move on to more complicated ones. You can easily learn to make origami to make with your kids from this Easy Peasy or Fun or Origami-Instructions.

girl doing craft


2) Drawing & Painting

You can keep your kids busy by letting them draw and paint on their free will. Just buy them huge pieces of paper and make it a rule for them to fill in every inch of the paper before they can move on to another activity. Let their imagination run wild! Parents should draw and paint with them too as a fun family activity together. If you want to try something different, try using different tools to paint with watercolour instead. You can try using cotton buds, stones, pebbles, vegetables or crumpled papers.

kids painting and drawing


3) Simple Cooking or Baking

It is common that kids are not allowed in the kitchen as they may hurt themselves easily, playing with knives and glassware. Maybe not for toddlers, but when they are at an age where they can think on their own, it is best to let them be aware of the danger rather than hiding them. Give your kids a mini kitchen tour and let them experience being a little iron chef at home. As long as you keep your eye on them and guide them in every step, there won’t be any harm! Let them try something simple, like making sandwiches or pancakes, baking cookies, making Popsicle and cook up a pizza! It’ll be a fun, messy dough-time with your little ones! Check out this article for simple recipes to make with your kids.

parent cooking and baking with child


4) Storytelling Sessions

Reading stories to your children is a fun bonding activity that also helps your child’s language and literacy development. Stories can help spark your child’s imagination and stimulate curiosity. Research has also shown that reading helps your child develop their social and communication skills. Not sure of which stories to tell? Check out our weekly live EduReviews eFun Storytelling Sessions where our teachers read out popular stories via an online video link. Registration also includes downloadable activities and English comprehension quizzes based on the story to enhance your child’s learning.


5) Charades

You can never go wrong with charades! Even adults love this game and it’s still being played in parties and gatherings. Not only will you and your kids have fun acting and guessing out the words, this will help your kids to be more expressive and improve their vocabulary as well! Choose words or characters from their favourite shows, story books or daily life activities. To spice things up, you can even play in teams and the losing team will have to be punished to do anything the winning team wants! You may download apps on your phone such as “Kids Charades!” or just write the words down on pieces of folded paper and put them in a huge bowl.

family playing charade Source: Homesteading


6) Movie Marathon

It’s always fun to cuddle up with the whole family for a movie marathon. Try suggesting to your kids and expect them to squeal in excitement. Make your movie marathon more interesting by having a theme! For example, you can have everyone dressed up as superheroes and watch Marvel movies back-to-back. Just go crazy with the kids to let them have fun! If you don’t have a whole day to spend for movie marathon, consider having movie nights instead!

family watching movie together


7) Board Games

Board games are fun and educational! Take your kids away from their digital gadgets and immerse them in a game of Scrabble where they can learn new words, or Monopoly which teaches them money skills, or purely fun Twister. A few other of our favourite board games are Jenga, Hoot! Owl! Hoot!, Sagrada, Spendlor, Clue, 7 Wonders, Catan and Forbidden Island. Do have a read on both our article”Board Games to Play with your Kids & Teens” and “Card Games to Play with your Kids & Teens” for more information and overview on these games that you can consider investing to play them at home with your kids. Watch them laugh or scream as you play together with them. You can easily buy these board games online or at the store. 

parents playing jenga with child


8) Build a playpen

Parents love the idea of letting them play with water in an inflatable pool. However, this idea may not be convenient for those who stay in condominiums or apartments where space is limited with no outdoor area. Instead of making a “wet” inflatable pool, why not turn it into a dry playpen? Simply fill the inflatable pool with pit balls, toys and perhaps surrounding it with train tracks. Or if you have more resources, you can DIY a bigger ball pit! Your kids will love their new territory and to make things more fun, you can also cuddle with them inside the playpen while watching a movie or cartoon!

child inside a playpenSource: Essential Baby


9) Popping Balloons or Bubbles

The simplest activity you can do with your kids – Popping balloons or bubbles! Just blow up a few balloons and let them pop them using different body parts each time. To make things more interesting, have a contest to see who pops all the balloons in the fastest time. Alternatively, just buy bottles of bubble and blow them around as your kids pops them. Make them jump, run, laugh and scream at the same time! 

child playing bubble


10) Learn A New Language Together

Learning a new language is a beneficial activity for you and your child! Research has shown that it sharpens the mind, improves memory, and enhances the ability to multi-task. In our increasingly connected and global world, learning a foreign language helps make new friends in other countries, opens up new career possibilities, and gives you and your child a competitive career advantage. There are many free and paid options to learn a new language. So check them out! 


Regardless of what you’re doing with your kids, they will surely enjoy themselves as long as all of you are spending time together as a family!! For more informational read, do check out our previous article Life Skills to Teach Your Kids and 8 Youtube Channels that are Good for Kids.