Were you unable to secure an internship? Or are you looking to earn some cash during your summer break? Part-time jobs will help fill the gap! These are jobs where the working hours per week are fewer than a full-time job. As part of the Employment Act in Malaysia, part-time employees have working hours which range from 30-70% of a full-time employee’s working hours in the same company. Part-time jobs offer the flexibility to be taken either during your summer break or even term-time.

Here Are Some Examples of Part-Time Jobs You Can Consider

Private Tutoring

If you are more academically inclined, private tutoring is a great option as you have complete flexibility over your own time. This means that it could potentially put less strain on your studies as you will be able to choose when you would like to conduct your sessions. It is also a great opportunity to improve your communication skills. You will often need to simplify complicated information to ensure your student understands the concepts. Additionally, most parents in Malaysia are very keen on tutoring especially since public exams such as IGCSE, and A-Levels are increasingly harder. However, it is better to have connections before starting your tutoring as it can be quite tough to recruit parents if you have no prior experience. Sign up for our private tutoring platform for as little as RM10 per year and we will help you get clients! 

Event Management

Working in event management part-time can also be a viable option. Event management involves overseeing administrative details for events. Examples of events that you may be involved in are exhibitions, conferences, and roadshows. As part of your role, you may be reserving venues, arranging transport, obtaining necessary permits, and engaging speakers. You will also liaise with staff and vendors to ensure the event runs smoothly. You will obtain the experience of dealing with multiple clients and learn how to be adaptable on the fly. Most events will have technical issues and it is up to you and the rest of your team to improvise and overcome the situation. This may involve you partaking in crisis management and creating contingency plans. It’s a great way to convey to the potential employer that you have good teamwork skills.


Retail is also another great part-time job to keep yourself busy during term-time or the summer break. The job may involve stacking shelves, cleaning, logistics, and even pitching to customers if your pay is commission-based. You may also be involved in auditing inventory and bookkeeping. It is a great option because part-time retail jobs are accessible to almost everybody. It also teaches you how to handle clients which may come in handy if you want to pursue a career in sales.

Data Entry

Additionally, another great part-time option is data entry. Data entry is a broad term that includes electronic data processors, typists, word processors, transcribers, coders, and clerks. In essence, data entry involves adding alphabetic, numeric or symbolic data into a company’s system. A key benefit of data entry jobs is that it allows remote working. This means that it offers the flexibility to do it during term-time as well. Barriers to entry are low as well because you often don’t need prerequisite skills apart from typing. However, keep in mind that data entry part-time jobs are notorious for scams. Be sure to read the job description and check if it is too good to be true.


What if I don’t want to work for a boss? Freelancing may be the right choice as it allows you to be self-employed. Freelance services could range from photography, graphic design, video editing, music production, and writing. Key benefits include working on your own time and the ability to utilise your natural talents. Satisfied clients may also recommend your services to their network which opens an extensive selection of opportunities in the future. However, keep in mind that you need to be persistent as you will face numerous rejections initially. Also, be aware of Feast or Famine syndrome where in some periods you may be either overworked or have an empty work schedule. All in all, freelancing is a wonderful part-time job to showcase your talent and to be in charge of your own work. You should check out Freelancing.my for opportunities in Malaysia.


To Conclude

Overall, although an internship would be an ideal way to spend your summer, part-time jobs are a great alternative to have on your CV. They are a key demonstration of your soft skills to the potential employer and a great way to earn some quick cash on the side. However, for those of you who plan to have part-time jobs during term-time, keep in mind that your studies come first! If you need any help with your CV/resume, EduReviews is here to support you! Also, if you have any experiences that you would like to share, let us know in the comment box below.


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