The Class Clown

Class clown


Usually a male student. Sometimes you find him funny but most of the time you do not… You will roll your eyes instead. He is simply silly, playful and tends to create trouble. If he teases you every day, either he’s just always bored or he has a crush on you! But beware, don’t let the class clown step on your limits and be too disrespectful!


Teacher’s Pet

Never say never to the teacher’s instructions and will not do anything that is against the rules. Goes exactly by the book and will do almost anything to get the teacher’s attention. Sometimes they might snitch on you too! Unless you are looking trouble, don’t tell them that your maid did your homework or you don’t like that P.E. teacher who made you run around the field!


The Popularthe popular

Either they are smart, musically talented, artistic, athletic, charismatic, talented, funny, good looking or all of them! They are usually pleasant and helpful, and they get along with everybody, even the canteen aunty! Yes, some can be real nasty but not all of them. Don’t try too hard to please The Popular but Mean ones! It’s not worth it.


The Bossy Ones

the bossy ones

Loud and love being the centre of attention, tends to be impatient and temperament, usually the “leader” of a clique. Other times they are the so-called ‘brats’. Commanding or questioning you about everything you do is not just a hobby… more like a lifestyle. If your friendship is threatened just because you don’t give in to their ‘kind suggestion’, that’s a red flag!


Drama Queen

Ah, everyone will come across them once or twice at least! Mostly comprised of female students. A bit different from bossy girls, they can seem quiet and innocent-looking. Their talent is creating drama without being in the centre of the situation. They know all the gossips (they started them usually) and just love watching the world crash and burn. Three words – RUN, RUN, RUN!!!


The Big Bully

the bully ones

Bullies typically pick on students who either cannot or will not defend themselves. There are physical, verbal, and cyber bullies. Usually, these bullies come from problematic families and unhealthy upbringing, or they were also victims of bully. They can be quite insecure and inferior when the mask falls off. Get help if you’re a victim of the bully. Don’t feel afraid or embarrassed. Love and respect yourself enough to speak up.


The Unmotivated

Unmotivated students (or underdogs) are often labelled as lazy and some teachers give up on them. They can be always sleepy. Sometimes, they might be dealing with family or self-esteem issues. When they get back up on their feet, they might just be the smartest and most driven student. Befriend them and try to understand them. You might be able to look into a totally different lifestyle and social circle through them! You will find yourself helping each other in a mutual friendship.


The Unorganised

the unorganized

Always forgetting things and are bad at managing their time. Their desk and lockers are always piled with so much garbage and it takes forever to find something. Despite the mess, they are really smart academically, or have an amazing talent, or well they can be just totally confused and lost. Generally they are quite chill and less uptight and can be quite cool friends! They are also usually less judgemental, so when you first meet, don’t judge them too quickly!


The Smart Ones

the smart ones

Typical “first class” student. Motivated by learning new and challenging material, naturally interested in studying, or they’re simply forced to do well academically. They will probably end up as a doctor or lawyer or engineer. However, some of them are overachievers who not only excel in studies but practically everything else! These overachievers turn on your fight or flight mode. They can motivate you to be better or make you feel so pressured you want to run! Some are genuine and helpful, you don’t need feel inferior or small. You can be as good! Most of the times, they’ll learn from you too! But if meet those snobbish ones, run and do not turn back.


The Average

the average ones

If you don’t relate to any of the above, you probably fall in this category. They are not the best but not even a bit close to the worst. They do OK in everything, are decent and fit in well. They might think that their school life can be less exciting, and that they are just like anyone else. But these students each have their gifts and strengths that haven’t been discovered yet. When they do, they turn out to be more than average after all. Never look down on an “average” student. They might turn out to be your boss one fine day!


You may be a student or an adult who had left school a long time ago, but we are sure a familiar face popped up in your mind for each type of student! Ah, those memories. Which type off student are you? Leave your comment below!