Report Card Day may intimidate some students but it is an important day for them because it allows them to know how they can improve their performance – academic and behaviour wise. This session gives teachers room to share their evaluation on the students’ progress and what they are weak at with the parents, and parents can also discuss with teachers on ways to motivate or keep the students happy at school. 

While many schools are resorting to virtual consultation due to COVID-19, Zenith believes that it is still essential for parents, students and teachers to talk physically so that information can be conveyed more smoothly. However, as health is an utmost priority, Zenith Schools make sure that everyone who was attending the session follows the the SOP guidelines set by the Ministry of Health. 

On the 9th of September, Zenith International School had successfully organised their Report Card Day. Parents were requested to send only send one representative to accompany their children to meet their respective teachers. It was indeed a challenging task. All teachers and staff were assigned with duties at various locations within the White House Campus.

Measuring body temperature

In order to make sure that those who attend the Report Card Day has their temperature below 35°C, staff who were assigned to the guardhouse recorded the name and temperature of the parents attending. After that, teachers escorted parents and students to the gathering point to collect the report cards of the students.

Meeting with Teachers

During the consultation, subject teachers were segregated into different groups in different rooms to ensure social distancing. Parents were also able to talk to their child’s class teacher to further assess the child’s performance and behaviour at school. This can give parents a remark of any disciplinary issues or poor performance in exams. Moreover, parents can make improvement such as sending to tuition centres to help their children on the subject they are weak on.


Student Referral Program

Recently, Zenith International School has revamped student referral program. In this program, parents and teachers will receive RM 1,000 (with Terms & Conditions as below) if they refer a student who successfully registers at Zenith International School.

Terms & Conditions:
1) The programme excludes Pre-School and Existing students.
2) The management reserves the right to cancel the payment incentive if there is found to be any discrepancies on the referral program.
3) Incentives are payable only after the following payments have been made – registration & application fee, security deposit fee, other relevant initial fee and full one (1) term school fee has been paid.
4) The referred party must inform Zenith International School of their referee during the initial enquiry or first visit to be eligible for this incentive.
5) Referral payout may differ from time to time at the discretion of the Management of Zenith International School.
6) Referrer must “like” Zenith International School on their own personal Facebook page.
7) Not valid during any Promotional Period.

If you want to know more about Zenith, you can check out their page here.