Who knows that 2020 would be so demanding? Throughout the year, many have faced significant challenges that may have affected their lives tremendously. Although it is going to be tough to do all our normal Christmas traditions this year, December is still that time of year that many are looking forward to. Bonding time with family and friends. But since the Covid cases are still growing, it is important to be wary of our surroundings and make sure that we still apply the 3Ws (Wash, Wear, Warn) during this festive season. 

Here are some of the Christmas activities that can you do with your family while staying indoors. 

Online gift-hunting

Instead of going to the physical store to get your presents, ask your children to sit beside you when you go online and help you out to pick a present for your spouse, their siblings or your extended family and friends. Although they are not paying for it, they would appreciate the opportunity to share their opinions with you. They’ll also feel that the presents come from them because they help to choose it. To make it easier for you to choose, set a budget for the presents or shortlist the gifts for your child to choose from. You can also take this time to teach your children about how to compare price or how to sort items from Low-High when shopping! That’s killing two birds with one stone. Just make sure that you shop early so they arrive on time.

Revive the long lost art of writing and decorating Christmas card

and send them to your loved ones. Of course, it is easier to buy the typical Hallmark holiday cards, but why not create them this time around? Your child can work on their creativity and motor skills, and you are sending extra cheers to those who might need it. The decorative materials like washi tapes, coloured pens and stickers are fairly inexpensive on platforms like Shopee and Lazada, and if you can find one sold by a small business, you’re also helping them during this hard time. 

Join EduReviews ACE Storytelling session! 

Starting from the 19th December, EduReviews’ ACE Storytelling sessions will revolve around Christmas stories! Your children can join us for free by signing up here. This interactive session will take place every Saturday at 5.30 pm (Malaysian time). Once they are done with the storytelling session, your children can also head to the website to do some activities and quizzes!

Bake and decorate some Christmas cookies

Nothing smells more like home than some freshly baked cookies. It can be gingerbread cookies, shortbread cookies or any type of cookies. If baking is not your forte, fret not, you can get a decorative cookie kit instead! The icing and the cookies are already prepared for you, so your family just needs to put on that chef’s hat and start squeezing on those colours. 

Use the online Santa tracker to check up what is the Santa doing

Do you know that you can see what Santa is doing and help him prepare for Christmas? Through Google Santa Tracker, you and your children can engage in fun, educational and interactive activities that revolve around Santa and his elves. There are coding games, your children can give Santa a fun makeover, and they can also learn about Christmas cultures in different countries. On Christmas Eve itself, they can see Santa’s activities in real-time! How fun is that?

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Have video call sessions or a virtual party!

Gathering with family and friends, eating food together and catching up with one another are certainly the traditions that make Christmas so enjoyable. But due to the restriction movement order and for safety reasons, it is best to avoid coming together for now. Although you may not be able to see your loved ones in person, you can still check up on them virtually. You can either video call them, or send them a Zoom link to your party. 

Watch Christmas movies

Christmas is not complete without Christmas movies after having some scrumptious dinner! While watching, ask your children questions about the movie – what do you think of the characters, if they can predict what will happen next, and what can they learn from it. This way, you know that they are not just passively watching, and they get something out of it. But be sure not to ask too many questions though, or they will get annoyed. 

With school closing and your children not being able to much this year, they may feel a little down. By spending more quality time with them this Christmas, hopefully, it will lift up their spirits and be more hopeful of a better year coming in 2021. We wish you a happy and safe Christmas ahead, and please stay safe!