Okay, so after lots of thinking, you have decided to study abroad for your tertiary education. You’ve looked at the course you want to pursue, which university you want to study at, and now you want to know if you need to get a student visa to study in Malaysia or not. Well, the answer to this question will be dependent of which country you originate from. Regardless, you will first need to get your Visa Approval Letter (VAL) approved first.

A visa-required national will need to provide a Visa with Reference (VDR) which can be obtained from Malaysia Representative Offices in one’s home country. On the other hand, students who are from the non-visa required countries do not have to do that, given that they are able to provide their VAL at the point of entry.

Nevertheless, if one is unable to present his or her VAL, the Malaysian Immigration Department has the right to deny the student’s entry to Malaysia. Below we have provided the lists for visa-required and non-visa required countries for your reference:

visa required countries 1

visa required countries 2

non-visa required countries 1

non-visa required countries 2

There are also some countries in which their citizens require a visa to come to Malaysia, but they do not have any Malaysian Representative Offices from which the students can obtain their Visa with Reference (VDR) from. In this case, they must provide the VAL issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department at the Malaysian border. These are the countries without Malaysia Representative Office:


visa required countries 3

visa required countries 4

We hope that these lists are helpful for you.  To know more about students’ immigration issues that NEED to be settled within a month of arriving in Malaysia, head to this article