Now that schools have reopened, parents fear that it may be too soon for pupils to return to their classrooms. Their time away from school could lead to feelings of isolation and this may motivate them to scramble back to school to see their friends. We’re a social species….after all. Schools will definitely look different from what pupils were used to before. Hand sanitisers at every corner of the school, temperature checks, teachers stationed at the entrance and exit of the school, markings on the floor for social distancing….. and the list goes on. With these proper guidelines in place, pupils should be able to attend school safely without having to worry about the risk of falling sick.

For the last 3 months, most educational establishments have been providing online classes and the use of the internet has its advantages and its drawbacks. Lock downs have meant that pupils have the attention of their parents 24/7. Now with schools slowly resuming face to face lessons, this may cause pupils to have difficulty in transitioning from this constant attention of their parents as well as being online for classes to back to “normal” school and only having parental attention for a limited amount of hours. Pupils may be misinformed, confused or
scared during this period. This is why the school’s team plays a vital role in making sure that pupils are well informed and are in a good state of mind.

5 Ways We Handled School Reopening


#1 Ensure That They Are Well Informed

It’s important for both parents and teachers to make sure that pupils are properly informed about Covid-19 and the guidelines that are in place at the school. Teachers have to openly discuss this topic with the pupils and make sure that it’s not a subject which is a taboo at the school.


#2 Keep An Eye Out For Stress And Anxiety

Regularly checking on the pupils’ mental health helps in ensuring a smooth reopening. Parents and staff need to show their support and let their pupils know that it’s normal to feel frustrated or anxious at times like this.


#3 Give The Extra Support

It’s normal for your child to fall behind on their studies during this time. However, parents and teachers can help them by giving them the extra support by creating a routine around school and schoolwork. This can help them if they’re feeling anxious and lost. Zenith International School provided this support by conducting extra classes.


#4 School Is A Safety Net For Pupils

Schools have to make sure that hand sanitisers and soap dispensers are available throughout the building. This would provide pupils with unlimited access of cleaning agents which would make them feel safe and well taken care of.


#5 Less Stress On Exams – Core Papers

We at Zenith International School understand that school is going to be tough for them after the Movement Control Order (MCO). This is why we decided that pupils at Zenith International School will only be sitting for exams in their Core papers for their final (Term 3) exams. This was done to help pupils to get back on track and allow them to adjust to the new normal.


Those were the 5 ways on how Zenith International Schools handled school reopening. Interested to know how you can help your child study better during the MCO? Click here to read this insightful article which could come in handy for you!