Joy English Damai Perdana in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur offers cambridge english classes for 4-18 years old. IGCSE tuition is available for secondary students.


Joy English Language Center prepares your child to pursue his dream of the future with excellent English skills, creative thinking and all rounded personality. Our dedicated and patient teachers are specially equipped to build your children's competencies in the English Language.


Regular Classes offered by Joy English Cheras Damai Perdana

  • Preschool phonics (Ages 4-6)
  • Primary English level 1-6 (Ages 7-12)
  • Secondary English level 1-5 (Ages 13-18)


IGCSE English available for secondary students

  • UK GCSE Equivalent Qualification
  • Recognized by universities and employers worldwide


Benefits of learning with Joy English Cheras Damai Perdana

  • Achieving good results in Cambridge YLT
  • Speaking with increasing confidence
  • Developing independent reading and writing skills
  • Having fun and interactive learning in class
  • Teachers that are professional, experienced, positive and caring
  • Environment that is comfortable, joyful, stress free and 100% English immersion
  • A teaching method that is interactive and caters to each student’s need; language games and activities that keep children focused
  • Periodical assessments – both written and oral to find out how much students have learned and then give necessary help





  • 有一群专业,有经验,积极阳光, 有爱心的教师。
  • 有一个舒适,欢乐,无压力,纯英 语的学习环境。
  • 当然少不了一个活泼互动,配合各型学生的教学法以及有趣的语文游戏让孩子欲罢不能哟!
  • 我们定期衡量学生的听说 读写能力,好让教师作适时的辅导。

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  • 25th April 2024 3:21 am local time

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1-1 Jalan Damai Perdana 1/9C, Bandar Damai Perdana Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  • Li Qi
    14th November 2019 at 11:40 pm

    Joy English was one of the major reasons why I grew up loving and excelling in English. The focus of teaching was placed on the incorporation of fun, and teachers emphasized frequent usage of the language. Students learnt to enjoy learning and using English, making classes an exciting weekly session to look forward to instead of dreading examination-based teaching. Thank you, Joy English!

  • Loha
    15th November 2019 at 10:59 am

    One of the best tuition centre in area to learn English the fun way!

  • Alexis
    16th November 2019 at 10:20 am

    My son started his first English class at Joy Damai since he was 5 years old. For 5 years he has progressed so well in his English proficiency and he always looks forward to his classes.

  • Leong Cheng How
    30th November 2019 at 1:12 pm

    Growing up with Joy, I have always been looking forward to lessons. The activities, games, and interactive plays created deep meanings that made me learn much more and much easier!

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