Philomusic and Art Centre at Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur is a music centre providing music education to nurture music lovers. Our music and art centre provide courses such as piano, violin, guitar, cello, art and craft, early childhood musical programme, vocal, ballet, ukulele and so on.


Story about Philomusic

Philomusic was founded in 2017 by Inez Yap. She started learning the piano in high school. With a strong will and passion to learn, she has gone through a lot of struggles in the progress of learning, yet she never thought of giving up. With her experience in learning, she understands the importance of having a good teacher and discipline in learning music.


Many years teaching as a private music teacher, she chose to establish herself as a full time music teacher. She has been studying and researching on the learning behaviour of students, developing the most effective teaching method in helping students to overcome their struggles and difficulties in the process. This is the top challenge, yet the most satisfying achievement gained through the process.


She always set a very high expectation on her students, more than the students may think they can achieve. Whether or not the student actually achieves the expectation is not the point. The process of reaching those heights is how the student truly discovers their love for music.


To spread out Inez’s philosophy in music education, she founded Philomusic to foster more teachers with the same belief and passion to join this meaningful journey, inspiring anyone who loves music and art to experience the challenges in the field of music and art.


Philomusic and Art Centre Programs 

1. LittleNotes Musical Programme (Suitable for young children aged 2.5 to below 5 years & above)

2. Guitar Lesson (Suitable for students aged 9 & above)

3. Ukulele Lesson (Suitable for students aged 7 & above)

4. Cello (Suitable for students aged 9 years old & above)

5. Comprehensive Art Programme (Suitable for students aged 6-12 years old)

6. Sensory Art Programme (Suitable for students aged 3-5 years old)

7. Violin (Suitable for students aged 5 & above)

8. Piano (Suitable for students aged 5 & above)

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10-2, Jalan Perubatan 3, Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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  • Izyan
    1st October 2019 at 3:16 pm

    I have no regrets sending my daughter to piano class here. She has progressed so much within 8months of lesson. Ms Yap is so supportive and friendly and my kids love her. I have also enrolled my smaller kid for Little Notes program and she loves it so much! The centre might be small(er) in size but the teachers here definitely have BIG hearts! Kudos to Ms Yap & Philomusic Team!!

  • Suki
    10th September 2020 at 11:15 am

    Philomusic offers Classical music, autistics music, ballet, art class and opportunities for kids to perform on stage.

    Violin, piano, keyboard, ukelele, guitar, and small kids musical instruments.

    Teachers are passionate and lovely. Studio owner gives the best to the children. Clean and quality environment set up.

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