These days, more parents are sending their children to enrichment centres and tuition classes outside school. But is it really worth it? Here’s how sending your child to an enrichment centre might benefit them. 

Social opportunities 

Sometimes parents are worried to let their kids play outside or go out with their friends without any adult supervision. Therefore, in many cases,  children would just end up just playing games or watching tv at home when they’re done with their homework. Enrichment centres provide a safe space for kids and teens alike to make new friends from different schools while learning something beneficial after school hours. Joining an enrichment class also pushes children out of their comfort zone and gives them more confidence to put themselves out there and socialise more. 

Enrichment activities like sport also encourage students to learn how to navigate through various group environment – testing them on their cooperation, team problem-solving as well as their leadership, which is essential for their own self-development.

kids playing tennis at the court

Academic support

Academic classes in enrichment or a tuition centre are usually equipped with credible and helpful teachers that can help to give extra support for children in subjects that they are weak in. The student to teacher ratio is also typically smaller, allowing students to focus better and have a better opportunity to ask the teacher to explain more about the concept or theory that don’t fully understand. 

Interestingly, studies had shown that joining extracurricular classes like sports, music and arts also boost academic performances. As such, studying music also enhances the ability to solve spatial-temporal reasoning problems like mathematics because these two abilities are located in the same part of the brain. In fact, a study by Standford University also found that students who take arts are four times more likely to excel in their academics.

Fun learning

While schools are more rigid with their curriculums, enrichment centres are more lenient and flexible in ways a subject or a class is taught. Some enrichment classes also offer fun activities such as drama, coding and public speaking which are rarely given attention to in schools. These sort of classes are not just less stressful for the kids, it also helps them to find their interest and discover the talents that were otherwise unknown to them. You can never know if your child has an inner Steve Jobs in them.

With the multitude of options for enrichment centres out there, it can be quite difficult to send your children to different centres for different activities. So why not go for a centre that has everything under one roof?

Edu Talent is one-stop talent and fitness fun activity centre designed for the overall development of every child between the age of 1 to 17 years old.  At Edu Talent, the aim is to nurture talent and embrace fitness. The programmes are fundamental to the physical, emotional, intellectual as well as social development of every child and complete the education of the whole child.

Among the classes offered are:

Edu Talent classes Puchong sports language arts

Edu Talent’s fitness programme trains athletes to excel in their chosen sport by building on their technical foundation and applying those skills into an appropriate competitive environment. The classes are also focused on building on your children’s speed, flexibility, teamwork, strength, and discipline. Ultimately, the kids will be taught by top-level coaches who specialise in their respective fields. 

If your child is more interested in arts and craft, acting, learning how to play a musical instrument or dancing, you can enrol them to the Arts classes where they will be mould on how to express themselves artistically. Should they need extra attention or feel more comfortable being taught in private, your children can also opt for private classes.

Understanding how important leadership is in preparing children for the future, Edu Talent’s  Leadership Academy was designed to prepare children to be savvy tech users, smart consumer as well as a competent speaker. Through these classes, your children can learn how to code through gaming, be more confident to speak in public settings as well as improving their English language. 

Perhaps one of the best thing about Edu Talent is that students are also given the option to mix and match the classes that they are interested in. Thus, your child is not just confined to one type of class only. They can make friends in different classes and learn different skills all in one place. So what else are you waiting for? Head here to learn more about Edu Talents and get your discounts today!