Heguru- Infant Trial Class

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Centre: Heguru Midvalley

Heguru is from Japan’s largest right brain development school for children, Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL) and we offer a golden opportunity for every parent to unleash their child’s true potential through an extensive, uniquely-designed brain enrichment programme.

Age: 6 months to 2 years old
Duration: 50 minutes


Japan’s largest right brain development school for children, Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL) is proud to present its first overseas Heguru Centre within the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

At the Infant stage (6 months to 2 years old), children absorb any inputs from the surrounding and they are curious about everything! We have massive information ready to effectively stimulate your child’s brain and develop their hidden potential! This is the best stage to stimulate the brain especially the right brain!

Class Duration: 50 mins/ Session

Heguru Infant Programme focuses on information input and parent-child bonding. There are over 50 different activities conducted during the class. Music and images are used to stimulate the right brain.
Programme Highlights:
 Expansion of mental capacity
 Two senseis facilitate the class to allow faster pace
 Parent participation encourage their children’s interaction

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