eFun 5-7 Lesson 1 Introduction

Each eFun lesson starts with a Jon & Jenny short story to make each lesson topic interesting and relatable. This story is a modern version of the traditional fairy tale featuring a dragon and a daring rescue. We encourage parents to read this short story together with their children.

Jon & Jenny: New Encounters

It was early morning in the jungle and eBot, our robot friend was busy finding ways to repair his spaceship which had just crash-landed on earth. “I’ve got it! My spaceship doesn’t have enough power,” he said. eBot’s spaceship is fueled by sun stars which must have fallen out when his damaged spaceship was flying over earth.

Sun stars are mini stars harvested from space. They are the size of an adult hand, and each of them contains a lot of power. eBot used these sun stars to power his spaceship to fly to earth from his home planet called Nova2.

eBot decided to leave his spaceship in the jungle to find help. After rolling through the jungle for half an hour, he still could not find anyone to help him. Suddenly he heard a loud roar above him, he froze in his tracks and slowly looked up. Flying near the trees was a very large dragon with terrible teeth, green scales, and sharp horns on his head who angrily looked at eBot and said “I, Firroth the Fierce have slept for a thousand years and you suddenly wake me up by crashing into my jungle!” The dragon roared “I’m now going to eat you for I am hungry!”

eBot was very smart and replied the dragon Firroth, “Oh no you can’t eat me, I am a robot with no meat and bones, so I would not be good food for you. But I know what you can eat that taste very good. It’s called a sun star and it glows very bright and shiny just like the sun.” eBot secretly hoped that the dragon Firroth would help him find his sun stars to power his spaceship. But the dragon knew that eBot was trying to trick him. Firroth, opened his mouth and blasted a fireball towards eBot’s direction, narrowly missing eBot. “You mean this sun star?” laughed Firroth as he held the glowing star in his hand, “I found it in my cave but I know its not food.“

eBot looked worried as the dragon’s fire was hot enough to melt the metal in his body. Firroth, licked his lips and growled “I will let you live only if you bring me two humans for dinner, I have missed eating humans.” Firroth then pointed to the east and said “Go now, there should be a human village in that direction.” eBot hurriedly left Firroth in search of the human village.

Once eBot got out of the jungle he spotted a small village and saw two children talking. A boy holding school books and a girl carrying a school bag. eBot thought to himself, “What should I do… I don’t want to harm the children but I also needed the sun star that Firroth has.” As eBot slowly approached the children, a plan started to form in his mind.

“Hi I’m eBot, a robot visiting from another planet. What are your names little children?” waved eBot cheerily as he neared where the children were standing waiting for their school bus. “I’m Jon, from Earth” the boy replied. “I’m Jenny. What are you doing on earth eBot?” asked the girl. “My spaceship crashed, would you like to see it?” eBot said, pointing towards the jungle. Jon and Jenny nodded and followed eBot into the jungle.

eBot led Jon and Jenny towards the dragon’s cave. Suddenly Firroth the Fierce flew down behind them and roared loudly. “It’s a dragon! We have to hide, follow me!” shouted eBot as he ran with Jon and Jenny into the dragon’s cave. “I’m so hungry!” said the dragon licking his lips, as he entered the cave looking for eBot and the children. eBot first hid the children towards the back of the cave then went back to meet Firroth the Fierce.

Once the dragon was in, eBot then used his laser gun to shoot the roof of the cave entrance, causing a lot of rocks to fall down, blocking the cave entrance completely. With the cave entrance blocked, it became very dark because there was no light in the cave at all! Even the dragon couldn’t see anything, and kept hitting the cave wall whenever he moved, slowing him down.

But eBot could see very clearly as his robot eyes could see in the dark. He quickly used his laser gun to cut a small hole in the cave wall, big enough for Jon and Jenny to get out, but too small for the dragon to follow them. eBot also took the sun star from inside the cave with him and as they left, they heard a loud roar. “You tricked me!” screamed Firroth the Fierce as he tried unsuccessfully to get out of the cave.

“Thank you for saving us eBot!” Jenny said as the three of them ran away from the cave. eBot then led Jon and Jenny to his crashed spaceship. He explained to them that he needed to collect sun stars to get his spaceship working again. Jon suddenly jumped up and down excitedly. “I know who can help you fix your spaceship,” said Jon as he ran off in the direction of the village. eBot and Jenny then quickly followed him back to the village.