Creative Maths VMO

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Centre: Anithink Creativity Education

Maths is fun when you learn mathematics concepts, patterns and relationships through playing games. We emphasize using the gamification teaching approach that leads children to think differently as they strategize to solve maths problems. 

Our programme follows the level of learning:

Level 1: Number sense (Foundation Maths)

Level 2: Vedic Maths (Techniques and Mental Maths)

Level 3: HOTS Maths (Higher Order Thinking Skills)

All students will gain access to all classroom materials, worksheets, and resources.

Fee Structure:  RM200 Monthly (4 classes), or RM550 Termly (12 Classes)

Duration: 1 hour

Ages: 6-13 years


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Class Policy: A registration fee of RM50 will be imposed for first-time registrations. This fee will only be charged once per student.

Open Class Slots:

Online: FRI, 4:00PM – 5:00PM

HQ Centre: SUN, 2:30PM – 3:30PM

To arrange for other time slots, please contact us

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Level 1: Number sense (Foundation Maths), Level 2: Vedic Maths (Techniques and Mental Maths), Level 3: HOTS Maths (Higher Order Thinking Skills)